August 30, 2011

Delker Helix Electric Train Tower

Scott recently came across a very unusual prewar Delker Figure 8 layout from during his buying travels. From the little bit of information we can gather these things were made in the 20s and 30s to be used for store window displays. This is by far the best one we've seen up for sale (most come in parts).

This layout features two vertical spirals of track with crossover pieces at the top and bottom, allowing the train to operate in a relatively small area. The track is prewar O gauge. There are three levels on each helix then a long straight piece at both the top and bottom to connect the two. The whole assembly is mounted on a wooden door, which measures approximately 79" long by 36" wide. The layout itself is approximately 18" tall at the highest point on each of the helices.

There is moderate wear on the rails from a long life of use, and a few of the support pieces have been repaired with screws. It still is fully functional and has been tested out by our repair shop. A postwar Lionel ZW transformer is included to power the loops for smooth, even speed uphill and down. Overall the condition is Very Good.

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MTH Preorder Product Cancellation

MTH Preorder Product Cancellation

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