August 29, 2008

Sale!!! RMT Beeps & Freight Cars


If you receive our newsletter then you already know that all RMT items on are on sale for a limited time. RMT Beeps are very popular amongst model train lovers. A BEEP is modeled after GEEPs (GP-9's),and condensed into a smaller baby-sized version of your traditional O gauge diesels. Don't let its size fool you, this engine is equipped with dual can motors and has the pulling capacity of your standard O gauge engines. Each Beep is 9.5 inches long and perfect for use on all O and O-27 3-Rail model train layouts. Even better, the RMT line is compatible with all Lionel, K-line, MTH, Atlas, Williams and Weaver electric trains. BEEPs are easy to operate and come in a multitude of roadnames and original paint schemes.Each RMT BEEP features 3-rail operation on min O-27 curves as a single unit, it is equipped with a dual roller power pickup, operating knuckle couplers, metal railings, directional headlights, and is equipped with electronic forward-neutral-reverse operation.

August 28, 2008

What's changing with payments on eBay?


Beginning in late October 2008, checks and money orders will no longer be allowed as payment methods on eBay. All items appearing on must be paid for using either:
PayPal (funded by PayPal account balance, credit card, debit card, bank account, PayPal Pay Later, PayPal Buyer Credit or eBay gift certificate)
Credit or debit card payment to a seller (through a seller's Internet merchant account)
Payment upon pickup In January 2009, all of the approved electronic payment methods will be integrated into eBay checkout. For example, if a seller offers credit or debit card as a payment option, buyers will be able to directly enter their credit card information securely in eBay checkout and their payment will be directly routed to the seller's Internet merchant account. We are also working with other electronic payment providers currently included in our Accepted Payments Policy to integrate their services into eBay checkout in 2009. Learn more at the Payments Overview Page. will continue to accept checks and money orders on the website

August 23, 2008

Going to York? It starts October 16th!

We hope you plan to attent this incredible event! The festivities begin October 16th, 17th, and 18th. Start planning now!

The TCA Train Meet in York, PA has it all! The Meet itself is a place to lose yourself in a deluge of O gauge trains, meet new friends and join in the camaraderie of the model train hobby. In order to attend you must be a TCA member. You are required to be sponsored by two TCA members to qualify for membership. Scott and Milinda Griggs, owners of, are both TCA members and would be happy to sponsor your membership. To become a member of the TCA, please visit their website. For sponsorship, please email us here at with TCA membership in the subject line and we will be happy to help our Trainz customers.

You can find the booth in the Orange Hall, stop by and introduce yourself! We look forward to meeting you :0)

August 15, 2008

Old Toy Trains Song - Originally by Roger Miller

I came across this video while browsing the web, and thought you all would enjoy it as much as I did! Tell me what you think by commenting to this post :0)


TCA 50 Year Archive Now Online!

Recently, TCA rolled out another benefit of membership. Back issues of The Train Collectors Quarterly are now on line in the Members Only section of The issues are searchable and there is an index coming. Access to this section requires a free registration.

This new benefit offers a major service to the newer members of TCA. You will be amazed by how much you can learn about toy, scale and model trains and the people and companies who produced them. The more you know about your hobby the more enjoyable it becomes. As we all know, educated collectors are smart collectors.



August 12, 2008

Lionel Preorder Update - 3 Items Dropped

Unfortunately, Lionel has dropped 3 items from production and will not be producing them. We will regretfully have to cancel the preorders that we have received for the following model numbers.
  1. 22395 - Ford Speeder
  2. 49840 - AF Operating Swing Bridge S Gauge
  3. 11077 - Harry Potter Figure Pack

Lionel shipping schedule

M.T.H. Video Studio Debuts - Check this out!

Source: MTH

July 16, 2008 - While M.T.H. has featured product videos on their Web site for some time, this week marks the debut of their new video studio, designed expressly to showcase M.T.H. trains in action. Illuminated by halogen movie lights, the studio includes a 12’ x 12’ around-the-room layout with One Gauge, O Gauge, and HO Gauge trackage, all under DCS control. We use a Sony HDR FX7 hi-definition video camera to produce quality video for streaming over the Internet.
Beginning with the first featured video, the Premier Line Canadian Pacific Royal Hudson read more...

More Product Video Updates can be found here.

Nice Job MTH!

August 11, 2008

Train Collectors Quarterly Now Online

The Train Collectors Association has scanned and made available online every issue of The Train Collectors Quarterly (in PDF form). You must be a TCA member with a TCA login ID to access them. Click here for more info. Source: Prewar Times

August 5, 2008

Now Accepting PreOrders - 2008 V2 Lionel Catalog

Hello Friends!

The Lionel 2008 Volume 2 Catalog is here! We have all the items from this volume posted on our preorder website We invite you to browse our website and enjoy special preorder pricing and cash in on the savings with FREE Shipping!

The deadline to get your Lionel order in by is September 9th. We will continue to take preorders after the deadline, unless it is released or sold out. Keep in mind, that occasionally Lionel can sell out of an item before it is even released.

Don’t miss out on all the great items Lionel added in this volume, like the all new Postwar Conventional Classics! Quantities are limited so be sure to order early to secure your order. Those of you who buy any of this first series of Lionel Postwar Conventional Classics will also receive a certificate worth $50 off the price of any of our sets in next year's series. Everyone loves the Monopoly series, well the new car is sure to be a big hit, the 29624 Monopoly Mint Car is packed with colorful play money. 3494-625 Soo Line Operating Boxcar, the Franklin Mutual Bank and the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor are all new additions you won’t want to miss.

Bookmark this link to stay up to date on current release dates.

If you have never preordered from Trainz, we welcome you! You will find that our service and handling of your order is top priority. Our customer service is top-notch; at anytime that you have a question or concern you can always reach us promptly by email. We strongly encourage all new customers to visit our FAQ page for details about our fantastic program

For questions concerning preorders please email us at Or, you may call us at 1-866-285-5840.

After the deadline (Sept 9th), if you did not order something that you wish you had, give us a call! We’ll add it to your existing preorder, with free shipping as long as it hasn’t been released by the manufacturer yet. When you order from you’ll receive FREE SHIPPING on your Pre-Order.

The TRAINZ 2008 PRE-ORDER PROGRAM allows customers IN THE LOWER 48 UNITED STATES, to pre-order collectible trains at a discount BEFORE THEY ARE RELEASED BY THE MANUFACTURER.

The Terms of this Program are as follows:

For 2008 Lionel Vol 1 Preorder, the deadline is Sept. 9th 2008.

-You must use a valid credit card during checkout. It will not be charged at checkout time.
-We do not accept Paypal for preorders.
-Your credit card will only be charged when we ship your items.
-Items that you order and cancel will be charged a 10% restocking fee.
-Georgia Sales tax will be charged for Georgia orders.

Special Shipment Terms apply for all items sold under this program as follows:

· SHIPPING IS FREE! Lower 48 United States Only.
· We now ship to Alaska, Hawaii & Canada. Please see listing for shipping amount.
· WE SHIP ITEMS TO YOU IMMEDIATELY upon receiving them from the Manufacturer.
· Anticipated Release Date is APPROXIMATE; it is just the manufacturer's estimate.
· Lionel Shipping Schedule
We look forward to seeing you soon! Please give us a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you from all of us!
The Trainz Crew