August 29, 2008

Sale!!! RMT Beeps & Freight Cars


If you receive our newsletter then you already know that all RMT items on are on sale for a limited time. RMT Beeps are very popular amongst model train lovers. A BEEP is modeled after GEEPs (GP-9's),and condensed into a smaller baby-sized version of your traditional O gauge diesels. Don't let its size fool you, this engine is equipped with dual can motors and has the pulling capacity of your standard O gauge engines. Each Beep is 9.5 inches long and perfect for use on all O and O-27 3-Rail model train layouts. Even better, the RMT line is compatible with all Lionel, K-line, MTH, Atlas, Williams and Weaver electric trains. BEEPs are easy to operate and come in a multitude of roadnames and original paint schemes.Each RMT BEEP features 3-rail operation on min O-27 curves as a single unit, it is equipped with a dual roller power pickup, operating knuckle couplers, metal railings, directional headlights, and is equipped with electronic forward-neutral-reverse operation.


Anonymous said...

Are RMT loco's and freight cars comparable to Lionel and MTH in quality?

Anonymous said...

I have a Halloween one. I can only compare it to two MTH engines that cost three times as much, though.
It is slower and shorter, so I have trouble getting it to run- through an MTH 45 degree crossover and an older MTH switch. It does have acceptable pulling power.
It is good to train a young person.

Anonymous said...

No way to run it off the rails, it's too slow for that, So, perfect for a child. Good pulling power.No whistle.