July 26, 2008

Stay Tuned! Lionel 2008 V2 PreOrder Listings Coming Soon!

The Lionel 2008 V2 catalogs have just been released! We hope to have our preorder listings posted to the Trainz PreOrder website by next week; please check our blog often for details. You can find the Conventional Classics listings available for preorder right now on our preorder site. The preorder deadline will be set sometime around the second week of September. At Trainz we provide special preordering pricing and free shipping! Please view our preorder FAQ's for full details about our program.

July 18, 2008

Trainz.com Video Program - Chance to win $25 Gas Card!

Trainz.com Video Program

FREE GAS anyone? Calling all Trainz community members! Are you a model train expert? Do you have tips of the trade you’d like to share with others? Do you have a layout that deserves to be seen? If so, we’d like to invite you to submit your video to videos@trainz.com and share your wisdom and talent with the Trainz community.

View the Trainz Video Libray here.

Each time you submit a video based on our submission guidelines, we will enter your email address in our drawing for a Free $25 BP Gas Card! The winner will be drawn at the end of July.

July 14, 2008

For HO Fans! - MTH 2008 V3 Catalog PreOrder Program

Attention HO fans! You can now preorder the newest additions from the 2008 V3 MTH HO catalog from Trainz! It's easy to understand why the MTH motto for their HO line is "HO Trains that do more". MTH HO locomotive's are equipped with Proto-Sound 3.0, providing you with sound and command control features seen in O gauge locomotive's. You will be amazed by the superior quality and attention to detail given to these beautiful locomotives. Limited quantities are produced, let us help you secure your favorite model before it sells out. If ordered before the deadline of August 20th, we can guarantee fulfillment of your order. At Trainz.com you'll enjoy the benefits of special preorder pricing and absolutely no shipping charges for those in the 48 lower states (shipping charges apply for international preorders).

Lionel Postwar Classics - PreOrder to guarantee availability!

Please visit our Trainz Preorder site to secure your preorder for the Lionel Postwar Classic items. You'll enjoy discount pricing and best of all Free shipping! This line will be included in the 2008 Volume 2 catalog. The release dates for these items are to be announced, a 2009 release date is likely.

We recommend securing your order early, as this line is anticipated to be very popular! Don't hold me to it, but there is a good chance that Lionel may sell out of one or more of these items before the catalog is even released. The pricing is also subject to change once the catalog is released, so preorder now for the BEST price and selection. You can view/preorder the 9 items offered in the first of this series here.

We expect the volume 2 catalog to be released to dealers in August, at that time we will post the catalog in its entirety to our preorder site.

For full details about the Trainz.com Preorder Program, please review our FAQ section.

Have a great day!

July 12, 2008

News Flash! New Info about Lionel Postwar Classics!

For the latest details about the new Lionel Postwar Conventional Classics line, click here.

Stay Tuned, www.trainz.com will post these new items to our preorder website soon.

Lionel 27903 Sager Place Observation Car.

Lionel 27912 #2445 Elizabeth Coach Car.

Lionel 31775 #1562 Burlington GP-7 Passenger Set.

Lionel 31776 #2219W FM Thunderbird Freight Set.

Lionel 31777 2124W GG-1 Passenger Set.

Lionel 31778 #1484WS 4-6-4 Passenger Set.

Lionel 38300 #2331 Virginian FM Diesel.

Lionel 38303 GG-1 Tuscan #2340 with 5 Stripes.

Lionel 38305 #2338 Milwaukee GP-7 Diesel.

July 7, 2008

Trainz Organizes Accessories, Buildings & Figures

Today we finished organizing our Accessories & Built-Up Buildings, Building Kits, and Figures by the category or industry. We hope that you find this useful to browse through exactly what you are looking for instead of pages of unrelated items by manufacturer or model number. Here are a couple of screen shots of what you will now find on the categories and sub categories on our left hand menu bar in the O Modern Trains category. Enjoy!

July 4, 2008

To All of Our Trainz Friends...

To you and your family, Trainz would like to wish you all a...

July 3, 2008

Special Buy! w/Free Shipping! Click Here for Details!

For a limited time only, you can own a signed copy of Southern - A Sentimental Journey by artist Robert West, at a terrific price!
This print is being offered at the special buy price of only $25 with FREE Shipping!
This is a beautiful painting of the Northbound Southern Crescent running through Chamblee, Georgia in the late 30's or early 40's coming into the depot. The painting depicts a typical downtown view of main street in Chamblee, Georgia. Notice the vintage depot and classic signage of the past. The watermark "Trainz Paintings" does not appear on the actual print you would receive.

July 2, 2008

Sign up for the Trainz Newsletter & Win!

During the month of July, when you sign up for the Trainz Newsletter, we will enter your email address in our in-house drawing for a $25 BP GAS CARD. We do not share or sell your email address with anyone.
The Trainz Newsletter is the perfect way to stay in touch with what is happening at Trainz.com. We notify our customers of the latest news, preorder updates, and general information each month.
The winner of the gift card will be notified by email and we will announce the winner in the edition of the August Trainz Newsletter.
Good Luck! And, Happy Railroading!

If you own a Lionel Legacy Control System - Please Read!


Version 1.2 now available

Lionel is pleased to announce the release of Lionel LEGACY Control System upgrade version 1.2. This upgrade will enable users to access a whole new menu of LEGACY features (see below) and will enhance your enjoyment of this revolutionary operating system.

However, in order to access these particular features, you must return your LEGACY Bases and Remote to Lionel – the Memory Modules alone will not upgrade your current system. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our valued customers and we assure you that when we release future upgrades, returning the system will not be necessary. These upgrades will be accessible by inserting Memory Modules.

To facilitate the upgrading process, we are asking that LEGACY users and Lionel dealers with LEGACY sets on their shelves to do the following:

· Register for a Return Authorization Number by logging on to our dedicated on-line LEGACY Upgrade RA number page at http://www.lionel.com/legacyupgrade (This page will automatically generate a unique RA number for you to return your base for upgrade.)

o We have included a Frequently Asked Question link to this page that outlines answers to most of your questions; please refer to that page before contacting Lionel Customer Service with questions.

o Once you have submitted the required information, a Return Authorization number will be displayed and emailed to you. After that, all correspondence related to your upgrade will be sent via email updating the status and tracking number upon completion. (We have implemented this process to reduce the call volume, so we can complete your upgrades in a timely manner while providing real time tracking of each set sent for upgrade.)

o If you cannot access the Internet, please call Lionel Customer Service at 586-949-4100 extension 9105 Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm EDT to request an RA number for your LEGACY set.

· Once you have received your Return Authorization number, we ask that you write that RA number on the outside of the package and ship your LEGACY Base and Remote to:
o Lionel-Ohio6655 Seville DrCanfield, OH 44406

· The LEGACY upgrades will not be executed in our Michigan facility. If your set is shipped to Michigan, it will not be accepted and your package will be returned. All LEGACY bases and remotes MUST be shipped to our Ohio facility to have the upgrade performed.

· PLEASE NOTE: If your LEGACY Base has a silver dot on the bottom in the FCC compliance block, and your CAB-2 remote has a silver dot inside the battery compartment, you do NOT need to send your base in for upgrade. However, you will need the version 1.2 memory modules and the new version 1.2 manual. Contact Lionel Customer Service at 586-949-4100 ext 9105 and request part number 610-4295-900 be mailed to you directly free of charge – but ONLY if your base and remote have the silver dot indicator.
This upgrade does not require you to send your 6-24294 LEGACY remote/charger Expansion sets to us. These can be upgraded using the memory modules that we are returning with the LEGACY Base and Remote.

We apologize for this inconvenience and want to reassure our valued customers that this is only a one-time process. Future software upgrades will be handled using memory modules only, mailed directly to the address you supply to us.

Again, we want to encourage all end users (customers who have purchased the LEGACY Control System for personal or commercial use) to register their LEGACY set by visiting http://www.lionel.com/RegisterLegacy. This is the only method we have in place to track LEGACY users for future upgrades.

If you are unable to access the Internet, please call Lionel Customer Service at 586-949-4100 ext 9105 Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm EDT for assistance in registering on-line.
Thank you for your continued patronage and support.

Mike Reagan
Director of Customer ServiceLionel Electric Trains

Lionel LEGACY Control System Version 1.2 Features

Below is a list of improvements and corrections LEGACY users will receive:

· Improved scrolling capabilities
Scroll features now have the ability to scroll forward and backward.

· Alphabetical engine look-up tableWhen scrolling for engines, the list of locomotives falls into alphabetical order, as well as numerical order. (Does not scroll by engine I.D.)

· Improved scrolling speedsThere are two speed settings when scrolling through the list of engines in the data bank. Now, a user can scroll through slowly or fast when looking for a locomotive in a larger bank of stored engines.

· New back light “always on” option
The central train control menu now has a backlight “always on” option. This allows the operator to have the backlight always on while the user is running their locomotives.

· New sleep mode option
The central train control menu now has a menu that allows the operator to select the amount of time the cab will stay active, from one hour up to four hours. This allows the operator to come back at a later time and just tap any button to start running without waiting for the system to boot up.

· New feature allowing scroll button to work at welcome screenWhen the user first turns on the Cab-2, the scroll button allows the operator the ability to scroll through the menu right on power up.

· Update module V1.2 will not over write saved data in the system
When loading the 1.2 modules, all data in system stays intact.

· Improved load engine module save dataThis improvement corrects the issue of having to load a module more than once.

· Improved train clear optionNow when you clear the train, all engines are removed from the train builder address. If you build a new train and transfer the locomotives in the new train address, the old address will auto clear.

· Corrected multiple engine speed graph undesired change issueOperating multiple engines, the engine will hold the correct speed graph setting when toggling back and forth from one engine to another.

· Corrected base not found issueSystem no longer locks up and needs an update module to operate.

· Improved route builder screen interfaceWhen building a route, the interface screen now requires a route number so that the operator does not build a route without a route number.

· Improved route zero operationRoute zero is now an active route assignment

· Improved left/right hand switch builder function in the route builder screensNow the left hand icon and right hand icon both throw their assigned switches.

· Corrected lost base channel memory
Base now retains base selected channel.

· Corrected train build/Cab-1 mode defaultClearing lash-up’s will properly default train addresses to Cab-1 mode.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your base and remote have been upgraded, Lionel will individually test each base/remote set and return them along with a newly printed version 1.2 LEGACY instruction manual and two new version 1.2 memory modules.