June 21, 2010

Phone issues

Trainz customers,
We have recently implemented a new phone system to enhance our service to you. In doing so there was a period of time where the sales number was published as 866-285-1800 instead of the correct 866-234-1800. For those of you whom bookmark our site, it may still show the incorrect number. This can be corrected by clearing your cookies. Thank you for your business. We look forward to serving your future train needs!

June 17, 2010

Dropped Items from Lionel and MTH

Lionel has dropped the following items (meaning they will not be produced):

7-11193 Santa Fe Freight G Guage Set
6-11215 Lehigh Valley Legacy Camelback
6-11217 PA Legacy Camelback
6-19590 9800 Series Reefer 3pk
6-16847 Hotel
6-22670 Santa Fe Boxcar
6-34581 FM Trainmaster Virginian
6-11216 Jersey Central Legacy Camelback
6-28341 Southern Pacific Trainmaster
6-35473 Amfleet Regional Scheme 3pk
6-37902 Illuminated Barge
6-16842 Big Moe Crane

* Lionel has reduced some quanities on other preorder items. If your order is affected you will be notified.

30-67503 60' Streamlined ABS FullLength Vista Dome
81-90001 6-Car R40-2 Reefer Set - Rolling Rock