June 17, 2010

Dropped Items from Lionel and MTH

Lionel has dropped the following items (meaning they will not be produced):

7-11193 Santa Fe Freight G Guage Set
6-11215 Lehigh Valley Legacy Camelback
6-11217 PA Legacy Camelback
6-19590 9800 Series Reefer 3pk
6-16847 Hotel
6-22670 Santa Fe Boxcar
6-34581 FM Trainmaster Virginian
6-11216 Jersey Central Legacy Camelback
6-28341 Southern Pacific Trainmaster
6-35473 Amfleet Regional Scheme 3pk
6-37902 Illuminated Barge
6-16842 Big Moe Crane

* Lionel has reduced some quanities on other preorder items. If your order is affected you will be notified.

30-67503 60' Streamlined ABS FullLength Vista Dome
81-90001 6-Car R40-2 Reefer Set - Rolling Rock

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