November 30, 2008

Get up to 40% Off eBay prices

eBay and Microsoft have teamed up and are currently offering a promotion to new users who sign up for a Microsoft “Live” account. Live is Microsoft's search engine (competing with Google) and they want more people to sign up and use it. Ads have started appearing on Live promoting eBay items - and yes, including our Fixed Price Buy-It-Now (BIN) items up to 25-30% off our regular prices. You must pay for them with with PayPal, and the discount will be rebated back to your PayPal account. This is really free money to you for using Microsoft Live to find items listed on eBay and using PayPal. You are limited to 10 transactions with this, so use it for your larger purchases.

This offer from Microsoft can also be COMBINED with eBay coupons. eBay is spending most of its marketing budget this December - Millions $$$ - on these coupons, so take advantage of them, eBay wants your business! These promotions now work smoothly with our checkout.
Don’t miss this opportunity to get even better train deals now.

Step-by-step details for signing up are detailed at this Knowledgebase page.

November 21, 2008

Trainz Retail Outlet Store Opens!

Trainz opens a new retail outlet store in Buford, GA! Trainz is expanding with a new retail outlet located at 2725 Hamilton Mill Road in Buford, GA 30519 (click here for directions or click here for a basic map) across from the Super Wal-Mart near Interstate 85 (exit 120).

This new location features new train sets and accessories for new hobbyists as well as a huge selection of all sorts of older postwar, prewar, American Flyer, G gauge and other scale trains. This is really the outlet side of the business and many of these items are as we found them in need of some TLC. If you are looking for a bargain or a fixer-upper this is the store for you! When you are in the area, come in and browse through our racks of trains and look for that locomotive, car, accessories and anything else and let’s make a deal! Feel free to call us at 678-482-2210.

November 18, 2008

3 Days Left To PreOrder From The MTH 2009 Volume 1 Catalog!

The MTH 2009 Volume 1 Catalog preorder deadline is November 21! We have all the items from this volume posted on our preorder website We invite you to browse our website and enjoy special preorder pricing and cash in on the savings with FREE Shipping!

Bookmark this link to stay up to date on current release dates.

If you have never preordered from Trainz, we welcome you! You will find that our service and handling of your order is top priority. Our customer service is top-notch; at anytime that you have a question or concern you can always reach us promptly by email. We strongly encourage all new customers to visit our FAQ page for details about our fantastic program at

After the deadline (November 21th), if you did not order something that you wish you had, give us a call! We’ll add it to your existing preorder, with free shipping as long as it hasn’t been released by the manufacturer yet. When you order from you’ll receive FREE SHIPPING on your Pre-Order. For more details visit

November 7, 2008

Super Sale on Atlas O Train Sets!!

Just in time for Christmas, Trainz is running a fantastic sale on Atlas O Gauge Ready to Run Train Sets. These sets, new for 2008, include everything needed to get started--track, transformer, engine and cars. The locomotives have operating whistles and smoke units, ad the transformer included with the set is first-rate. Atlas O Trains are 100% Lionel-compatible.

Here are just a few of the fantastic deals Trainz is offering:

Atlas 1009001 Southern Fast Freight Set
MSRP: $259.99 price: $180.99 (!)

Atlas 1009050 C&O Fast Freight Set
MSRP: $289.99 price: $200.99

Atlas 1009075 Santa Fe Work Train Set
MSRP: $359.99 price: $249.99

To view the complete line of Atlas sets on the Trainz site, just click the Atlas button under the 'Search by Era' button in the upper right of the Trainz homepage.

If you're new to trains and are looking for a nice set to start with, or know of someone looking to get into the hobby, these Atlas sets are great entry-level choices with lots of features and nice quality.

Thanks for looking!


November 6, 2008

Experiencing Problems Navigating Site? We're working on it!!

We have heard from several customers that they are experiencing problems when navigating our new website over the last few days. We're working on it and should have the issue resolved within 24 to 48 hours. We would also like to take this opportunity to explain what is causing the trouble.

When we redesigned the site we changed the method by which we upload the site to the web. Because of the complexity of the Trainz site, it navigates through several intermediary sites [hosts] on its way to the site which you can view it. Since around October 31st, we have had intermittent technical difficulties with one of these hosts. This difficulty is causing some internet service providers (these are companies like AT&T, Vonage, etc., that allow you to access the web) to not be able to link between our main web page and the category and individual item pages. We're working on simplifying this system and we plan to have the problems fixed by Saturday, November 8th.

In the meantime, if these problems are driving you or your computer nuts, you can access our store site directly using this address:

(This address is a basic, 'bare bones' web page that customers do not see but is used to direct search requests through our site.)

Again, we plan to have this problem resolved asap. Also, if you regularly view our auctions on eBay and have noticed that some photos are not showing up for some auctions, this problem is related to the same problem and will be fixed at the same time.

Our apologies for any inconvenience, and thanks for your business!

Tommy Feldman
General Manager,