November 30, 2008

Get up to 40% Off eBay prices

eBay and Microsoft have teamed up and are currently offering a promotion to new users who sign up for a Microsoft “Live” account. Live is Microsoft's search engine (competing with Google) and they want more people to sign up and use it. Ads have started appearing on Live promoting eBay items - and yes, including our Fixed Price Buy-It-Now (BIN) items up to 25-30% off our regular prices. You must pay for them with with PayPal, and the discount will be rebated back to your PayPal account. This is really free money to you for using Microsoft Live to find items listed on eBay and using PayPal. You are limited to 10 transactions with this, so use it for your larger purchases.

This offer from Microsoft can also be COMBINED with eBay coupons. eBay is spending most of its marketing budget this December - Millions $$$ - on these coupons, so take advantage of them, eBay wants your business! These promotions now work smoothly with our checkout.
Don’t miss this opportunity to get even better train deals now.

Step-by-step details for signing up are detailed at this Knowledgebase page.

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Anonymous said...

Does the Lionel 520-35 Small Plastic Pantograph come with the spring? I cannot tell from the photo or description.