February 5, 2008

COMING SOON!!! 2008 Lionel V1 Preorder Program

We are busy preparing our PreOrder Trainz Website http://store.trainzpreorder.com/ with all the new listings from the newest Lionel catalog! At Trainz, it takes a little longer to bring you our program, because we create each listing with the full description and photograph from the Lionel site. This makes ordering easier and much more convenient then having to switch back and forth between our site and looking the item up either online or in your catalog. We hope to have all the listings posted to the site within a day or two.
If you are subscribed to our mailing list we will send you an email alerting you when the listings have been posted. http://www.trainz.com/groupmail/subscribe.asp
The deadline to get your preorder in by will be mid-March. We'll post the exact date later. Although we continue to accept preorders after the deadline, we highly recommend that you get your order in to us before the deadline to secure your preorder. Sometimes, the train manufacturer will actually sell out of an item before the item is even released. To read more about our preorder program, please visit our FAQ page http://store.trainzpreorder.com/Store/Tab.aspx?tabid=5
Thank you for your patience as we prepare the site! And, remember at Trainz you'll enjoy special discount pricing and Free shipping!!!

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