February 20, 2008

Oops! Lionel 2008 Catalog Corrections Update

February 19, 2008


6-24213 – Universal Lockon – This item is in the catalog twice. On page 199 in the Signature catalog the price is $3.49, on page 200 in the Signature catalog the price is $3.19. The correct price is $3.49.

6-31758 – Jersey Central Passenger Set – This is listed in the catalog as Legacy Control System this will be changed to TMCC1 the price will go from $799.99 to $749.99. (Signature – Page 22)

6-28561 – New York Central #5628 – Price in catalog is $339.99 should be $399.99. (Signature – Page 68)

6-28304 – Union Pacific Legacy “Super Bass” It will ship in Nov. (Signature – Page 80)

6-28305 – CSX Legacy “Super Bass” SRP price is $429.99 It will ship in Nov. (Signature – Page 81)

6-27019 – Imco PS-2 Hopper SRP price is $59.99 (Signature – page 108)

6-36815 – Santa Fe Moe & Joe Flatcar – This item is sold out. (Signature – Page 120)

6-24248 – Manual Crossing Gate – Not in catalog. (Signature)

6-30089 – Pennsylvania Flyer Freight Set – Photo number 630069 should be 630089.
(Ready to Run – Page 3)

6-30038 – NYC Freight Expansion Pack – Cars included are Operating Log Dump Car, Single Dome Tank Car, and Hopper. (Ready to Run – Page 7)

6-30035 – Sodor Freight Expansion Pack – Photo number 630069 should be 630035.
(Ready to Run – Page 9)

6-38600 – Union Pacific Dock Switcher – Photo number 638630 should be 638600.
(Ready to Run – Page 32)

6-38630 – U.S. Army Dockside – Photo number 638600 should be 638630. (Ready to Run – Page 32)

6-38664 – Lionel Lines 4-4-2 – Item printed 638644 should be 638664. (Ready to Run – Page 32 and 33)

6-38651 – Lionel Lines 0-8-0 – Price in the catalog is $219.99 should be $119.99.
(Ready to Run – Page 34)

6-26401 – Northern Pacific Ore Car – Photo is wrong, you will find the correct one on the Web Site. (Ready to Run – Page 38)

6-26411 – Lionel Lines Ore Car – The correct photo is on page 38 under Northern Pacific Ore Car. (Ready to Run – Page 40)

6-12028 – Inner Passing Loop Add–on Track Pack – Price in catalog $86.90 should be $86.89. (Ready to Run – Page 44)

6-12030 – Figure 8 Add-on Track Pack – Price in catalog $58.17 should be $58.19. (Ready to Run – Page 44)

6-22104 – PRR Freight Car – Price in catalog $209.99 should be $134.99. (K-Line – Page 7)


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