June 30, 2008

Bah Humbug! The Toy Soldier Car has been dropped! 6-30-08

That's right the Lionel 11098 Toy Soldier G Gauge Car has been dropped by Lionel. This was to be the newest of the add on cars to compliment the Holiday Tradition Express G Gauge Train Set by Lionel.

Unfortunately, we were not given a reason as to why it is being dropped from production.

Most of you remember that the add on car from last year, the calliope car, was a hot item. Those cars were selling on eBay at over a hundred dollars once Lionel sold out of them last Christmas. We are taking preorders on the 11041 Calliope Car, because Lionel is still planning on producing more of them.

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plantfoodfan24 said...

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