April 7, 2009

Lionel Vision Locos redesigned for O54 Track

Just Announced from .... LIONEL ELECTRIC TRAINS



The Lionel design teams have been working very hard to bring you the very latest innovations and the very best features for our Vision Line products.

This just in from our design engineers - The Pennsylvania 0-8-8-0, GE ES44AC Evolution Hybrid diesel and the 3GS21B Genset switcher will now be able to run on a minimum of O-54 curve track.

These new updates will allow for expanded use of these locomotives on layouts that use O-54 diameter curves. The 2-10-10-2 Santa Fe uses O-72 diameter curves.


Anonymous said...

The Lionel product specs say that 3GS21B Genset switcher only requires O-42 minimum.
Are you changing it to O-54?

Anonymous said...

The Lionel product finder now says:

Minimum Curve: O-54 recommended; O-48 minimum