July 16, 2009

MTH has dropped some items from production!

The below items have been dropped from MTH. This means for one reason or another they will not be making these items. If you had them on preorder with us you will be receiving a confirmation email that they have been cancelled off your preorder.

20-2936-1 and 20-2936-2- Great Northern – AA06 AFB Diesel

20-2927-1 and 20-2927-2- DSB Class MY Denmark – AA06 NOHAB Diesel

20-2928-1 and 20-2928-2- GM Demo – AA06 NOHAB Diesel

20-2929-1 and 20-2929-2- MAV Class M61 Hungary – AA06 NOHAB Diesel

20-2930-1 and 20-2930-2- NSB Class Di3 Norway – AA06 NOHAB Diesel

20-2931-1 and 20-2931-2- SNCB Glass 202 Belgium – AA06 NOHAB Diesel

20-2932-1 and 20-2932-2- CFL Class 1600 Luxembourg – AA06 NOHAB Diesel

30-79239- Kansas City Southern - American Crane Car

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