March 19, 2010

Lionel Expanding to Buy Marklin?

Well I heard about that a while ago back in Mid January, but I ran across this article from Model retailer magazine, which indicates that Marklin is on the rebound and it is reported that although a team from Lionel did visit the great toy and train maker, that they are not currently interested.

The new reorganized Marklin is making money and has apparently drawn interest from the biggest name in American model railroading, while Faller creditors have approved the company's reorganization plan.

Märklin administrator Michael Pluta has been quoted recently in the German press as saying the company generated 7 million Euro ($10.2 million) in earnings from April-December 2009.

An article in the Südwest Presse newspaper in Ulm said the earnings figures come on 110 million Euro ($160.2 million) in sales during FY 2009. The earnings figure is before interest and taxes.

Additionally, the publication says a delegation from U.S. toy train manufacturer Lionel has visited Märklin's production facilities in Göppingen in Germany and Györ in Hungary. However; a source inside Lionel says the company will not make a bid for Märklin.

Pluta, says he's under no pressure to get the company sold. In late 2009, he said a sale might be possible in 2010. He added Märklin is slated to release 400 new products this year.

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