March 25, 2010

Lionel Replacement Shells & Set Boxes

Lionel is replacing Santa Fe F3 Shells and Conventional Classics Set boxes to customers that request them. The affected items are:

Lionel 38312 #2343 Santa Fe F-3 AA Diesel Locomotives

Lionel 31775 Burlington GP-7 Passenger Set

Lionel 31778 Hudson Passenger Set

Lionel 38310 NYC F-3 AA Freight Set

Lionel 38324 New Haven F-3 AB Freight Set

Lionel 38329 Hudson Freight Set

If you purchased the Santa Fe F3's, the colors are not quite right and Lionel is offering replacement shells. Register here with Lionel to receive a free set of shells.

To register for a replacement conventional classic set box from Lionel, click here. Many of these boxes were cut open after they were originally sealed to add warranty cards, or something similar. In the process many of the nice classic postwar style boxes were cut with a big X cut, making them less than collectible, so Lionel is rectifying the problem, but you need to register on-line to get your replacement box(es).

I have heard that this offer may expire on March 31,2010, so please check it soon!

If you bought any of these items from Trainz, we have already notified you via email.

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