August 12, 2010

MTH Product Cancellations

Please make note of the following MTH product cancellations. We are sorry for any disappointment.
30-78106 – Modern Reefer – Pacific Fruit Express
30-78107 – Modern Reefer – Iowa Beef Packers
20-2937-2 -- Traxx F140 AC 2 (Scale Wheels)- Demo
20-2937-1 – Traxx F140 AC2 (Hi Rail )- Demo
20-20071-1­GP 38-2 w/Protosound2 (Hi Rail) – Gateway Western
20-20071-2 -- GP 38-2 w/Protosound2 (Scale Wheels) – Gateway Western
20-20071-3 -- GP 38-2 Non-Powered – Gateway Western
20-20110-1 -- F40PH w/Protosound2 (Hi Rail)- VRE
20-20110-2 -- F40PH w/Protosound2 (Scale Wheels) - VRE
20-20110-3 – F40PH Non-Powered - VRE
20-20083-1 -- SD 60M w/Protossound2 - CSX
20-20083-3 -- SD 60M Non-Powered - CSX
70-76050 – Flat/45’ Trailer - Budweiser


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