November 28, 2011

Huge Lionel Set SALE!

Lights strung, ornaments hung, but the tree wasn't quite done until dad had finished laying the track. That little Lionel set, dutifully circling the tree, puffing white smoke the whole way around, was part of our family tradition... One that I continue with my family to this very day. Family traditions are important, and this year at we're ready to help you start your own.

Whether you're starting a new tradition, upgrading an old tradition, or trying to introduce a new generation to a hobby that quite literally includes all the bells and whistles... our Lionel Starter Sets deal will get you everything you need.

Shop for a new Lionel Starter Set between now and November 30th and you'll not only save 8% on our already reduced prices, but we'll throw in free domestic shipping as well! Help us spread the word and get your coupon code by clicking the "Unlock Offer" button below.

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If you're having trouble finding the right item just give us a call (866-285-5840 Ext 2) and one of our product experts will gladly help you look.

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Fred Mittelman said...

Looking to build a 5' x 9' 027 layout using my old track and new track to supplement. Looking for plans that will let me run at least 2 trains at the same time. lso fit in my milk car dock , long log loader and coal loader. Finding a spot for my Nome station would be great as well. Any help appreciated.

zachariasjacobina said...

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