November 20, 2009

1200+ G Scale Collection Just In!

If you are a G Scale Collector or Operator, you will love this! We just picked up an enormous collection with a huge emphasis on USA Trains reefers. There must be over 90% of every single reefer that USA Trains has ever made in this collection! We will be listing these both on our website and eBay over the next couple weeks. They are now loaded up in our wish-list database, so you can go to our wish-list page and enter the model numbers (without the preceding R in the model number), or just enter a keyword (like Sun Maid) and then add it it to your wish list. As soon as we list them, you will get an email with a link to them. You can also now easily keep up with us using the handy new inventory windows on our homepage, just click G Scale to see the most popular items and the most recently added 10 items. Then by clicking on the "See All G Scale Trains" link you will see all of our G Scale Inventory sorted by the ones we have most recently added, or however else you might want to sort or search for them as well. Enjoy!

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