November 23, 2009

Nice Lionel Display at Wal-Mart

Well Lionel has pulled off a nice marketing deal with Wal-Mart. Here is what I saw in the Findlay, OH Wal-Mart yesterday right in the front of the store in the jewelery department. Milinda noticed it as soon as we walked in the door. They are pushing the battery powered sets hard, but they did have a couple basic O Gauge sets for $175. They also had Lionel Tee-Shirts, backpacks, the new DVD movie and some other stuff. Let's hope this will help get the next generation of Lionel enthusiasts stoked!


Anonymous said...

OMG! I wished my Wal-Mart in St. Marys, GA carried them!

Anonymous said...

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John said...

I ran into the Wal-Mart in Mooresville N.C. and ran into the same Lionel display ! I did pick up all of there tee-shirts, 4 in all at a really good price ! Was looking for the Thomas the train set to add to my annual Christmas display. for the Susan G. Komen Foundation Charlotte Affiliate.